Spanning across 742,000 square feet, Surbana Jurong Group’s New Headquarters – Surbana Jurong Campus, is built on the principle of biophilia (the innate instinct to connect with nature) and aims to transform the way we work and play together.

The campus consists of 10 blocks and is a business park development that spans 5 to 7 stories above ground level, with an additional 2 basement levels. It has the capacity to house over 4,000 employees and includes various amenities such as business parks, collaboration hubs, F&B outlets, a gym, a childcare centre, and a clinic. The lovely rooftop terraces feature a business park, lush green spaces with lounge areas, and solar panels.

Waterproofing the Rooftop Terraces

About 15,000 sq m of Euraplan® (UV-resistant PVC-based waterproofing membrane) was installed on the rooftop terraces.

Outdoor Raised Deck on Roof Top Terraces

VersiJack® height and slope adjustable pedestals were used to support the outdoor raised decks on the roof top terraces. This decking installation is unique because in addition to the standard parallel raised decks, a rounded circular raised deck was constructed. Resistance to mould and algae render VersiJack® ideally suitable for the installation in constantly wet and damp environments.

Planter Boxes with Irrigation System

VersiCell® lightweight, high strength modular drainage cells were installed to provide drainage beneath the planter boxes.

Project Credits
Owner: Surbana Jurong
Architect: Safdie Architects
Main Contractor: Boustead Singapore Limited
Decking Installer:  Venturer Pte Ltd
VersiCell® Installer: Nature Landscapes Pte Ltd
Waterproofing Installer: Maxbond Singapore Pte Ltd

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