VersiWall® GT

What is VersiWall® GT

VersiWall® GT (VGT)

VersiWall® GT is a modular green wall system which gives architects and builders green wall solutions that are flexible and cost-effective to create living walls for both indoor and outdoor greenery. Manufactured from aluminium, VersiWall® GT consists of rows of pilasters attached to a wall, onto which the trays and irrigation system hook.

The aluminium material is extremely durable and importantly, fulfils fire safety requirements for indoor green walls. Additionally, the extruded pilasters and trays can be easily cut to any length both on and off-site for a high level of flexibility to allow creativity in design.


• Fire-Resistant
• Fast & simple modular installation
• Durable
• Integrated irrigation
• Anti-lift screws prevent tray dislodgment
• Fully recyclable

MaterialAnodized Aluminium
SizeTray: 1000 mm* (W) x 125 mm (H) x 95 mm (D)
Pilaster: 38 mm (W) x 1200 mm* (H) x 108 mm (D)
Tray Volume2.36 L
Tray Pitch200 mm
Weight~15 kg/m2 (unplanted)
~ 70 kg/m2 (planted)

* Can be cut to length as required.