VersiDrain® BG®

What is VersiDrain® BG®?

VersiDrain® BG® is an extensive green roof planting tray with the added functionality of creating a bluegreen roof. It is a lightweight and robust planting tray made from high-strength UV-stabilised recyclable plastics. The tray comprises of three layers: a planting layer, an irrigation reservoir layer, and a stormwater attenuation layer.

VersiDrain® BG®’s modular design allows pre-planting to achieve instant greening of rooftops, and its internal irrigation reservoir promotes plant sustainability with minimised maintenance.

The stormwater attenuation layer collects stormwater at-source and releases it slowly after the rain event to prevent the overburdening of drainage infrastructures. Adjacent trays interconnect with each other at this layer allowing the collected stormwater to have unrestricted flow between trays. This ensures that the stormwater in each tray is attenuated at the same rate.

  • Retrofit Green Roofs
  • Temporary Green Roofs
  • Integral component to at-source stormwater management
  • Reduce peak runoff flow rates
  • Collected stormwater can be repurposed for use within the development
  • Does not compromise the roof’s waterproofing warranty
  • Adaptability to various storm events
500 mm x 500 mm x 150 mm
Planting media height
75 mm
Wall Extender
75 mm
- Empty
- Planted

12 kg/m2
150 kg/m2
Irrigation reservoir capacity
~10 L/m2
Stormwater attenuation capacity (include irrigation reservoir capacity)
~40 L/m2
*All specifications are calculated without additional height extenders