What is SpiraPave®

SpiraPave® is a new generation, high strength pedestal consisting of separate paired components to create pedestals of different heights. Units may be adjusted either up or down in 1mm increments.

SpiraPave® is used to support bearers in the construction of roof terraces, pedestrian walkways, roof gardens, plaza decks, sun decks, pool surrounds and balconies.

SpiraPave® is adjustable in height from 12 to 119 mm, making it ideal for installations where conventional supports are impractical.

SpiraPave® may be used in conjunction with a Slope Corrector which compensates for slopes of up to 5%.

SpiraPave® may be used with a Bearer Holder that caters for 35 to 80 mm wide bearers.

SpiraPave® is lightweight, has a flat smooth base, and is easy to install. Unlike brick and metal piers, it does not damage water proofing membranes.


SpiraPave® pedestals, for raised flooring on:

  • Roof terraces
  • Pedestrians walkways
  • Roof gardens
  • Plaza decks
  • Balconies
  • Pool surrounds
  • Reflective pools
  • High load bearing (20 kN) strength
  • Manufactured from recycled plastics
  • 1mm incremental height adjustment commencing at 18 mm
  • < 5% slope correction unique bearer support holder that caters for varying width bearers
  • Supports bearers as well as timber panel decking
  • Height and slope adjustable
  • Ease of installation
  • Catering for bearer widths from 35 to 80 mm
  • Waterproofing membranes not damaged
  • A cost effective alternative to brick and metal piers
  • Catering for warped timber
  • Supports Green Star building ratings
  • Measure the total area to determine the number of bearers required. One SpiraPave® pedestal is required for each linear metre of bearer to be supported.
  • Position SpiraPave® pedestals with a Slope Corrector and a Bearer Holder at required intervals.
  • Adjust the 0–5% slope corrector to compensate for any falls in the slab.
  • Position on bearers and adjust the SpiraPave® pedestal either up or down so that the bearer is level.
  • Screw the bearer into the eyelet in the wing of the Bearer Holder.
  • Anchor bearers to all perimeter walls using metal brackets.
  • Finish with Timber or Composite decking boards.

SpiraPave® pedestals support decking and flooring on balconies and other building structures


Material Recycled polypropylene
Colour Black
Height Range 12 to 119 mm
Diameter Dimensions
Pedestal 150 mm
Slope Corrector 170 mm
Base Plate 175 mm
Bearer Size 35–80 mm
Compressive strength 1 > 20 kN (@ 0% slope)
Slope Correction 0 to 5% @ 1% increments
Biological/Chemical Resistance Unaffected by moulds and algae and good resistance to alkalis and bitumen
1 Compressive strength at 5mm displacement and varies with different heights

SpiraPave® incorporates a number of decking support accessories

SpiraPave® supports 35 to 80 mm timber bearers

SpiraPave® Extender