EnviroMix® PB

What is EnviroMix® PB

EnviroMix® PB is a planting media within the Elmich ultra-lightweight extensive green roof system and is subjected to stock availability. Please contact our sales consultant for further assistance.

EnviroMix® PB is a lightweight organic planting board manufactured from environmentally sustainable materials enhanced with additives, including nutrients beneficial for healthy plant growth. It is made up of primarily recycled organic products that have undergone microwave sterilisation. It is an ideal planting medium for green roofs where weight is a major consideration.

EnviroMix® PB weighs less than half the weight of conventional planting media. It has the ability to absorb and retain water 3 times its weight and yet remain lighter than conventional media which when saturated holds much lesser water. The high water retention, in addition to reducing irrigation frequency also enables plants to better withstand dry spells and harsh conditions on roofs subject to strong winds and high temperatures. Integrated nutrients in EnviroMix® PB reduce the need for additional fertilizers and thus provide related cost savings.

EnviroMix® PB provides good thermal insulation which translates to greater energy efficiency and cost savings. Trials by an independent research institute in Singapore conclude that temperature differences of up to 20oC can be achieved by the installation of EnviroMix® PB on the rooftop.

EnviroMix® PB in modular form is easy to handle both for transportation and installation. Groundcover plants and shrubs may be planted to create green spaces instantly by adding between 50mm to 100mm of soil mix before planting. For planting of turf, simply lay the grasses directly over the EnviroMix® PB and thus avoid mess from handling loose media. EnviroMix® PB can also be used in potting mix as a soil conditioner to provide additional nutrients to the existing mix.

EnviroMix® PB allows plant roots to penetrate and remains intact even after repeated watering. This enables the roots to establish firmly and form a structural mass with the EnviroMix® PB that resists erosion, making it also suitable for planting on mild slopes.

    Extensive Green Roof
  • Panel form enables easy transportation
  • Less than half weight of conventional soil mix
  • Microwave sterilisation ensures panels are pest and pathogen free
  • Stackability reduces storage space requirements
  • Does not stain
  • Superior water retention supports plant growth during dry spells
  • Integrated nutrients facilitate quick establishment and healthy plant growth
  • Suitable for most groundcover plants and shrubs
  • Easily cut for flexible design and layout
  • Fast installation as panels are simply abutted against each other
  • Minimal soil-mix required — none required for turfing
  • Reduces fertilization frequency and dosage
Size 498mm L x 333mm W x 50mm H
Weight approx. 14.4kg/m2 (dry)

approx. 45.0kg/m2 (saturated)