Bitulen® SK17

What is Bitulen® SK17

Bitulen® SK17 is a self-adhesive 1.7 mm thick preformed waterproofing membrane for use in basements and substructures, to protect against water ingress.

Bitulen® SK17 comprises of cross-laminated SBS modified bitumen. The underside is protected by a silicone coated release paper.

Bitulen® SK17 meets the requirements of LTA M&W specification for preformed sheet membranes.

Bitulen® SK17 provides an effective waterproofing membrane for foundations, tunnels, floors and flat roofs. Being cold-applied, it is ideal for installation in restricted and confined spaces.

  • Foundations
  • Tunnels
  • Floors
  • Flat roofs
  • Cross-laminated SBS modified bitumen
  • Self-adhesive
  • Can be cold-applied
  • Underside protected by a silicone coated release paper
  • Meets requirements of LTA M&W specification for preformed sheet membranes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Time saving

All surfaces shall be dry, smooth and free from voids, dust, oil, loose particles, and sharp protrusions. Concrete must be cured for at least 7 days before priming with an approved high penetration bituminous primer and allowed to dry tack-free before installing Bitulen® SK17.

All corners shall be covered first with a 150 mm wide strip of Bitulen® SK17 before proceeding to install the full-width membrane.

After removing the release paper, Bitulen® SK17 is then pressure bonded to the primed substrate. All laps must be at least 75 mm wide.

For floors, the installation of Bitulen® SK17 should be continued up the wall to connect with the damp-proof course in the walls. An angle fillet shall also be placed at the junction and covered with a reinforcing strip prior to installing the membrane.

Bitulen® SK17 requires a protection layer of screed or polystyrene boards for slabs and walls respectively, or any other approved protection layers.