Green Roof

Benefits of A Green Roof

A Green Roof, often referred to as a living roof or vegetated roof offers numerous benefits for the environment and building occupants. Here are some key benefits of having a Green Roof in your living/commercial spaces:

1. Improve Air Quality

Besides releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, a Green Roof can filter contaminants such as carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and several airborne toxins, which leads to healthier indoor and outdoor air quality.

2. Extend Lifespan of Roof

A Green Roof extends the lifespan of the roof by shielding its waterproofing membrane against UV rays and temperature fluctuations.

3. Energy Savings

A Green Roof offers natural insulation, which reduces the need for heating in winter and cooling in the summer, which can result in energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Enhance Visual Appeal & Create Recreational Spaces

A Green Roof adds greenery and natural beauty, enhancing the overall visual appeal of offices, shopping malls, and residential and commercial spaces. Additionally, a Green Roof can be designed for recreational purposes, offering building occupants a serene and accessible space to unwind and enjoy.

*It is essential to bear in mind that the benefits of a Green Roof can vary depending on factors like the roof’s design, location, and upkeep. A Green Roof requires careful planning, installation, and proper maintenance to be effective over the long run.


Elmich Green Roof Systems

As pioneering enablers of sustainability, Elmich has worked with visionary architects, builders and contractors worldwide to develop cutting-edge green roof systems that enhance the aesthetic appeal whilst demanding minimal maintenance, setting a new standard for functionality and aesthetics in skyrise greenery.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse array of Green Roof projects, spanning from commercial offices, bustling shopping malls and theme parks to tranquil hospitals, campuses, airport terminals and small-big residential developments. Our Green Roof Systems have been implemented in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Other parts of the world include United States, Australia, Europe, Germany and Switzerland.


Green Roof Solutions