Fire-Resistant Green Wall Systems

Elmich offers a wide range of fire-resistant green wall systems made from a special blend of materials engineered to meet fire safety requirements stipulated by the Singapore Fire Safety Bureau. A series of rigorous fire tests were conducted to ensure consistent and reproducible fire-resistance performance.

Fire-resistant option can also be extended to other products upon request.

VersiWall® FR is a fire-resistant modular composite green wall system which gives architects and builders a cost-effective solution for urban greenery. It uses a combination of materials that mitigates the issue of fire safety and allows the elegant articulation of attractive living walls anywhere.

VersiWall® FR provides a good amount of flexibility as the system is able to conform to curves on walls and be easily modified to any shape or size required for the design of the green wall. This is regardless of whether if it is pre-planted at the nursery or planted directly on-site.

VersiWall® GT is a modular green wall system which gives architects and developer-owners flexible and cost-effective solutions to create living walls for for both indoor and outdoor greenery.

Manufactured from anodized aluminium, VersiWall® GT fulfils fire safety requirement, particularly for indoor green walls. The system offers new possibilities in creative design using a palette of plants to shape and erect environmentally beneficial and aesthetically attractive living walls.

VersiWall® GP Metal (VGP M) is a modular vertical greening system manufactured using aluminium for indoor green walls that meet the SCDF* fire safety regulations of construction using non-combustible materials.

VGP M can create free-standing green walls or be simply mounted onto concrete walls using either a proprietary rail mounted system or standard wire meshes.

VGP M may be planted in situ or carry up to two conventional 100 mm potted plants for greater interchangeability in temporary displays. Each VGP M tray conceals irrigation piping and has multiple drainage outlets to spread overflow over a larger surface onto the trays below.

*Singapore Civil Defence Force