Delta® MS

What is DELTA® MS

DELTA® MS is a 3-in-1 high dimple density drainage membrane that provides heat insulation and prevents soil degradation.

  • Foundation wall protection and drainage
  • Internal surfaces of walls e.g. diaphragm and bored pile walls
  • Sub-base course under concrete floor slabs
  • Seepage layer in cavity walls
  • Rot-proof
  • Resistant to saline solutions, inorganic acids, alkalines, polar liquids and solvents
  • Excellent temperature range from – 30 °C to + 80 °C
  • Excellent resistance to puncture and decay
  • Features more than 1800 dimples per m2
  • High compressive strength of 250 kN/m2
  • Non-polluting for drinking water
  • Meets DIN 4095 and DIN 18195 requirements
  • Guaranteed against degradation for 20 years
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduces point loads
  • Efficiently distributes pressure and low point loads
  • Provides additional heat insulation
  • Flat overlapping edges allow for joints to fit precisely
  • Diagonal dimple configuration permits straight creases
  • Excellent durability reduces future maintenance costs
  • Protects flooring from rising damp
  • Offers a cost-efficient alternative to lean concrete when laid underneath floor slabs as a sub-base course
  • Can form a continuous cavity layer channelling water towards drains
  • Safely separates foundation walls from moist soil for all-round protection of compression-resistant waterproofing coats and/or perimeter insulation
  • Fully recyclable

Install DELTA® MS so that the dimples face the building. The material may be applied directly to compression-resistant waterproofing (e. g. bitumen coats or mineral sealing slurries), waterproof concrete, or insulation panels. Make sure that sheets reach above the upper edge of the waterproofing and/or perimeter insulation and attach them there. When installing DELTA® MS on perimeter insulation, the upper edges of the panels should be bevelled. Then, pull the sheets up above the edges and attach them to the wall. DELTA® MS may be laid either vertically or horizontally. Sheets should overlap to the extent indicated by the un-dimpled edge strips. Sheets may be attached using either clout nails or steel nails fitted with DELTA® MS KNOPF washers.

Use DELTA® MS DÜBEL anchors wherever nails will not hold. DELTA® MS KNOPF washers should be fitted whenever nail guns are used.

Sheets should end at the foot of the foundation.

After backfilling is complete, trim the sheets in parallel with the surface of the soil and seal the edges with DELTA® NOPPENBAHNEN-PROFIL. As an alternative, the upper edge may be covered with a bed of coarse gravel (grain size 32 to 63 mm).

Overlaps are made by attaching the next sheet so that it overlaps the sheet installed previously by about 20 cm. Pierce overlaps with DELTA® HAFTNAGEL pins to hold them in place. The end of the last sheet should overlap the first sheet by no less than 20 cm. When sheets have to be installed vertically, push the connecting sheet no less than 20 cm below the sheet installed previously and use no less than 4 DELTA® HAFTNAGEL pins to attach it.

Before attaching a sheet to a corner, crease it along the line of the edge. Openings for cables and pipes are made by making a V-shaped cut in the sheet and attaching a patch measuring approximately 30 x 30 cm with 2 DELTA® HAFTNAGEL pins.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”default”][b]PROPERTY,[b]VALUE|Material,High-density%20polyethylene%20with%20no%20plasticizer|Compressive%20strength,~%20250%20kN%2Fm%C2%B2|Air%20gap%20between%20dimples,~%205.3%20l%2Fm%C2%B2|Dimple%20height,~%208%20mm|Temperature%20resistance,-30%20%C2%B0C%20to%2080%20%C2%B0C|Fire%20resistance,Class%20B2%20(DIN%204102)%20or%20Class%20B1%20to%20meet%20special%20requirements|Roll%20sizes,20%20m%20x%201.0%20m|,20%20m%20x%201.5%20m|,20%20m%20x%202.0%20m|,20%20m%20x%202.4%20m|,20%20m%20x%203.0%20m[/vc_table]