What is StrataVault® 

StrataVault® is structural root cell module, manufactured from recycled polymers. Designed to provide optimal growth zone for tree roots where high compressive strength is required and needed to withstand heavy traffic loads.

StrataVault® provides a load bearing structure beneath hard landscapes. They allow loading of quality top soil for tree root systems over these areas without the fear of settlement leading to surface subsidence.

StrataVault® units can be quickly and easily assembled and installed and are securely connected together both vertically and laterally with a simple snap feature.

StrataVault® has an ultimate strength in excess of 300 kPa without relying on steel bar reinforcement (subject to corrosion).

  • Carparks
  • Roadways
  • Public Spaces i.e. Footpaths and Plazas
  • Road Medians
  • Linked Treepits
  • Water Harvesting
  • High compressive strength in excess of 30t/m² but lightweight
  • Applied loads are shared evenly and lateral strength maximised
  • In excess of 90% of total soil volume available for tree-root growth
  • Large apertures within cells enable common conduits, service pipes and aeration systems
  • High integral strength allows it to be trimmed around obstacles and unusual services
  • Rapid assembly minimises on-site disruption
  • No steel components required for strength reinforcement
  • Compact module design works well with confined or difficult treepit sizes
  • Made from 100% recycled polymers; ensuring maximum environmental stewardship
  • Can be used to combine urban tree planting with Water Sensitive Urban Design for optimised stormwater management
  • Used to provide healthy trees at paved areas
Material 100% recycled polypropylene
Dimensions 600 mm (L) x 600 mm (W) x 404 mm (H)

Free Volume


Above 90%

Ultimate Load Strength (FEA & lab tested) 300 kPa

Important Note:
Request StrataVault® Construction Details for matrix dimensions in plan and elevation