VersiWall® GP 250

What is VersiWall® GP 250

VGP 250 is a modular vertical greening system that give designers the freedom to implement aesthetically pleasing green walls.

VGP 250 is designed with ease of installation and safety in mind. The design of the planting tray allows it to be mounted through a variety of methods: on a proprietary rail mounting system, wire mesh, or directly drilled to a wall.

VGP 250 allows for convenient plant maintenance and supports design changes when required. Moulded holders at the base of each tray allow conventional 100 mm plant pots to be inserted, allowing for simple and quick installation.

VGP 250 trays are installed with water reservoirs to sustain plant growth. An automated irrigation system can be incorporated to reduce hands-on work for daily watering needs.

  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Free standing walls
  • Building facades

Lightweight – <50 kg/m2 with no added load to existing structure.

Safety – Security clips keep tray securely mounted on proprietary aluminium rail or wire mesh.

Drainage Drainage outlets allows excess water to flow into underlying trays or discharge pipes.

Planting Options – Trays are designed to hold up to two potted plants of standard sizes for interchangeability of potted plant palette during temporary displays.

Water Efficient – Reservoir in trays maximises efficiency of water for optimal plant growth.

Irrigation – Irrigation pipes are concealed between trays or at the rear.

Easy Access – Trays can be removed from the back for repotting or general maintenance.

- Tray
250 mm (L) x 143 mm (H) x 140 mm (D)
- Rail
1000 mm (L) x 50 mm (H) x 16 mm (D)
Tray planting volume
~ 2.1 L
Weight (planted)
<50 kg/m2
Vertical pitch between trays
150 mm – 200 mm (recommended)
Biological/ Chemical resistance
Unaffected by moulds and algae. Resistant to rot, oils, acids, alkalis, bitumen and naturally occurring soil chemicals