TurfPave® XD

What is TurfPave® XD

TurfPave® XD is a lightweight, high strength interlocking plastic grass paver designed for the creation of grassed areas subject to pedestrian and occasional vehicular traffic.

TurfPave® XD grass pavers are used in the construction of emergency fire engine access areas, overflow parking, home driveways, golf buggy paths and slope stabilisation.

TurfPave® XD has a porous structure allowing rainwater to infiltrate into the ground. The high load-bearing structure protects grass roots against compaction and effectively supports loads imposed by large fire trucks.

TurfPave® XD cells contain notches, have large open base areas and high void spaces that promote and ensure healthy root development.

TurfPave® XD grass pavers are also suited for gravel containment.


TurfPave® XD grass pavers stabilise turf, grass and gravel in:

  • Emergency and firelane access areas
  • Vehicle parking lots in commercial developments, homes, sports complexes, festival grounds, churches etc
  • Golf cart paths
  • Street shoulder parking
  • Racetrack infield and pit areas
  • Drainage channels
  • Slope stabilisation and erosion control
TurfPave® XD grass pavers for Fire engine access area

TurfPave® XD supports large fire trucks on grassed areas

TurfPave® XD grass pavers offer several unique features:

  • More than 90% unrestricted root base area
  • 40 mm high cells that enhance vigorous root development
  • Notches in cells that allow unrestricted runner and root growth
  • Secure snap-on joining ensuring modules remain in place after installation
  • Ability to peg the sub-base on slopes and curves
  • Vertical webs that direct roots downward minimising girdling
  • High compressive strength (unfilled ~ 150 t/m²)
  • Flexible connecting grids ensuring modules conform to uneven surfaces
  • Snap-on joining allowing large panels to be pre-assembled off-site
  • Modules that allow rapid installation with minimal operator training and tools
  • Nesting design that halves storage and transport costs

Areas incorporting grass pavers offer benefits including:

  • Stabilized turf surfaces protected against erosion
  • Pleasant alternatives to asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Enhanced site appearance through “green” vegetation
  • Reduced need for stormwater conveyances and treatment systems
  • Minimised stormwater run-off
  • High water permeability
  • Increased effective utilizable area
  • Support US LEED™ credits

Is easily assembled requiring no special tools. The product conforms to odd shapes or profiles, and excess cells may be trimmed with simple cutting tools.

  • Prior to installation, calculate the area where TurfPave® XD is to be installed
  • Excavate and/or level the area
  • Install drainage systems, irrigation systems, and utility lines in the subgrade, as needed
  • Lay and compact a 2–10 mm gravel road base or washed paving sand to provide support for projected weight-bearing loads
  • Position TurfPave® XD cells on the compacted gravel road base or paving sand
  • Cover the TurfPave® XD cells with a recommended sand soil mix for turf establishment
  • Apply recommended moisture, water retention agents and fertilizers
  • Place rolled turf, or hydro-seed onto the filled TurfPave® XD cells
  • Implement regular maintenance schedules

1. Gravel
2. Sand
3. TurfPave® XD
4. Top soil
5. Grass/turf

Material PP
Dimensions 500 mm x 500 mm
Height 40 mm
Cell Size (diagonal) 70 mm
~4.3 kg/m2
Compressive Strength (unfilled)

Compressive Strength (sand filled)

~150 t/m2

~3000 t/m2

Service Temperature -30°C to 80°C
Biological resistance Unaffected by moulds and algae
Chemical resistance Resistant to rot, oils, acids, alkalis, bitumen and naturally occurring soil chemicals