Polyprufe® BSW

Polyprufe® BSW is a high-performance HDPE Blind-Side waterproofing membrane designed for applications where the waterproofing must be laid prior to pouring of the concrete.

It allows for fully-bonded waterproofing membrane to be applied to the positive-side of the building structure even where the said surface is inaccessible to application personnel.


Substrate basement and wall slabs in any underground
structure with limited working space.

• Excellent adherence to poured concrete
• Non water-tracking
• High resistance to hydrostatic pressure
• High resistance to tears and punctures
• Strong mechanical bond
• Permanently bonds to structural concrete
• No membrane protection required
• Resistant to soil chemicals
• Conforms to LTA Standards

Polyprufe® BSW should be adhered with the film side to
the substrate. On vertical surfaces, the membrane is to be
mechanically fastened to the top of the structure first before
applying subsequent layers. Overlaps should be staggered
in order to prevent a bulge forming, and all succeeding layers
must be clean and dry before application in order to ensure a
strong, watertight bond.

The substrate should be mechanically sound and not move
during the pour. The substrate should also be smooth with no
gaps or voids. Any penetrations should be grouted in order to
ensure stability. Before the pour, ensure that all plastic release
liners are removed. Ensure that no sharp objects are used to
consolidate the concrete in order to prevent damage to the

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”default”][b]PROPERTY,[b]TEST%20METHOD,[b]TYPICAL%20VALUE|Membrane%20thickness,DIN%2053353%3A1979-12,1.2%20mm|Dimensional%20stability,SS%20374%3A1994,%3C0.4%20(long.)|,,%3C0.4%20(trans.)|Tensile%20strength,SS%20374%3A1994,%3E30%20N%2Fmm2%20(long.)|,,%3E36%20N%2Fmm2%20(trans.)|Elongation%20at%20break,SS%20374%3A1994,%3E980%25%20(long.)|,,%3E1350%25%20(trans.)|Resistance%20to%20hydrostatic%20test,DIN%2016726%3A2011,%3E50%20m%20%E2%80%93%20no%20leakage|Puncture%20resistance,ASTM%20E154%2FE154M%3A%202008a(2013)e1,%3E1000%20N|Peel%20adhesion%20to%20concrete,ASTM%20D903%3A1998%20(2010),%3E1200%20N%2Fm[/vc_table]
Polyprufe BSW - MSDS-1

Material Safety Data Sheet
[PDF – 223 KB]