Delta® PT

What is DELTA® PT

DELTA® PT is a ventilated dimpled membrane incorporating a bonded mesh for use in cellar and tunnel walls.

  • Tunnels and subterranean transportation system walls
  • For new plaster or shotcrete finishes against damp or leaking walls
  • Cellar walls
  • Mesh is welded to the dimpled sheet to prevent delaminating
  • Rot-proof
  • Excellent temperature range from – 30 °C to + 80 °C
  • Unaffected by saline solutions, acids, alkalines, oil, polar liquids and solvents
  • Excellent resistance to puncture and decay
  • High compressive strength
  • Non-polluting for drinking water
  • Guaranteed against degradation for 25 years
  • Moisture is controlled and ventilated
  • Extremely reliable and very resistant to de-lamination
  • Creates a ventilation air gap between damp cellar walls and new plaster coats
  • Excellent durability reduces future maintenance costs
  • Transparent material makes fixing easy as good fixing points can be easily identified
  • Forms a waterproof, robust and reliable support for plasters and render coats or, plasterboard panels
  • Transforms damp cellars into habitable rooms
  • Can form a continuous cavity layer channelling water towards drains

Install DELTA® PT vertically. Use plugs to fix DELTA® PT-PROFIL strips to the upper and lower sheet edges. For easier cleaning, DELTA® PT-PROFIL may be attached above any skirting that may be present.

Fixing plugs should be spaced approx. 25 cm apart both horizontally and vertically. Start in the centre of each sheet and work towards the sides. If you drill into a void in the wall, use a DELTA® Rope sealing compound to seal the hole so as to avoid bridging.

Sheets should overlap by approx. 20 cm along the mesh-free edge. These sheet sections should be fixed with DELTA®-PT Plug after the edges have been fitted together, sealed and inserted into the DELTA® PT-PROFIL strip.

There should be no bridges between the plaster and the damp cellar wall. Reinforce and seal butt joints in corners. Apply DELTA® Mastic compound to protect protrusions for pipes, electric sockets, doors, etc.

Plaster should be trowel applied in two coats. Do not apply the second coat before the first has initially set. Suitable coats include plaster (not in rooms where water is splashed about and relative humidity exceeds 90 % continuously) and render (use only low-tension material and added fibres into the outer layer when covering relatively large areas so as to avoid shrinkage cracking).

Do not use DELTA® PT-PROFIL with plasterboard panels. To enable the moisture-laden air to circulate, leave a gap 1 cm wide below the ceiling and above the floor.

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