VersiWall® FR

What is VersiWall® FR

VersiWall® FR is a fire-resistant modular composite green wall system which gives architects and builders a cost-effective solution for urban greenery. It uses a combination of materials that mitigates the issue of fire safety and allows the elegant articulation of attractive living walls anywhere.

VersiWall® FR consists of a backing plate and fire-resistant planting media and skin. Space for the integration of a neatly concealed automated irrigation and drainage system is provided for according to the requirements of your project.

VersiWall® FR provides a good amount of flexibility as the system is able to conform to curves on walls and be easily modified to any shape or size required for the design of the green wall. This is regardless of whether if it is pre-planted at the nursery or planted directly on-site.

VersiWall® FR offers unlimited possibilities for different combinations of plant arrangements on-site to create exquisite vertical gardens. The variations available for plant arrangements on-site also means that last minute changes are easily made without costly and time-consuming delays and material wastage.

  • Flexible – can be modified on site
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast installation times with modular pre-fab system
  • Concealed irrigation
Backing Plate, Fire-resistant Media, Fire-resistant Skin
1200 mm (L) x 1200 mm (H) x 30 mm (W)
Weight (wet)
- Unplanted
- Planted
15 kg/m2
40 kg/m2
Fire Rating
BS 476 Class 0
*Maximum dimensions shown. Cut to appropriate size.