VersiDrain® EC

VersiDrain® EC is a low profile composite drainage sheet used in conjunction with Bitulen® SK374 and VersiTape® F100 in the VersiDrain® Waterproofing System.

Designed for use on thin-bed cement mortar such as those in stairs, the System mitigates efflorescence by creating a separation gap between the finish layers and the base structure. This relieves entrapped moisture within the cement mortar.

  • Efflorescence mitigation as part of the VersiDrain® Waterproofing System
  • Geotextile filter prevents blockage of drainage channels
  • Large contact area with waterproofing layer improves pressure distribution
  • Protects waterproofing layer
  • High compressive strength
  • Efficient drainage
  • Time-saving
Material HDPE
Dimple height ~4 mm
Air volume between dimples ~2.6 l/m²
Thermal stability  -30 °C to +80 °C
Characteristic opening size  ~0.6 mm (EN ISO 13433)
Drainage rate  ~0.6 l/s · m²
Compressive strength  ~500 kN/m²
CE conformity  DIN EN 13252
Roll dimensions  30 m × 2.00 m

VersiDrain® Waterproofing System is a tailored solution for efflorescence mitigation on surfaces such as stairs. Even with the many stair edges and corners, this system can be easily integrated and installed. Click here for the brochure.

1. Bitulen® SK374 DUO
Self-adhesive, cold-applied 1.5 mm thick preformed waterproofing
membrane made from cross-laminated SBS modified bitumen.

2. VersiDrain® EC
Low profile composite HDPE drainage sheet that enables entrapped
water within the floor layers to be drained efficiently for efflorescence

3. VersiTape® F100
Self-adhesive sealing tape comprising a butyl rubber compound and
polypropylene fleece with high plasticity to conform to edges.