What is VersiEdge

VersiEdge is a high-strength edge profile designed to retain and frame vegetated roof gardens by separating planting media and aggregates in a rooftop area. Engineered to accommodate different roof designs, VersiEdge edge profile offers a versatile solution for zoning different elements in rooftop gardens.

VersiEdge is used to frame roof gardens in place of parapet walls or segment features within the garden. The profile is designed with slit perforations for lateral drainage of excess water whilst controlling media slippage.

VersiEdge is modular and light-weight for easy installation, efficient transportation and storage. The profile holds up to 150 mm depth of media with simple fastening features and a self-supporting design to allow for extensibility and autonomous stability.

To prevent encroachment of vegetation into the drainage outlets, pebble strips may be installed between VersiEdge and the planting media.

  • Sloped roof gardens
  • Flat roof gardens
  • Control media slippage
  • Slits for effective drainage
  • Modular and light-weight for easy installation
  • Simple fastening features for extensibility
  • Self-supporting design for autonomous stability

VersiEdge  comes in 2 materials:

VersiEdge™ S stainless steel profile is designed for sloped roofs. The profile can be used as a restraint along straight or curved sections in the perimeter of green roofs. It may be used on pitched roofs with gradients of up to 5%.

VersiEdge™ P made from high-grade thermoplastics is designed for flat roofs. It can form curves to act as a separation profile between vegetation, gravel strips and substrates. VersiEdge™ P profile has an interlocking feature that removes the need for mechanical fastening.

VersiEdge P VersiEdge S
Material PP SS1
Dimensions (mm) 150 (H) x 100 (W) x 1000 (L) 150 (H) x 75 (W) x 2000 (L)
Thickness (mm)  4 1.2
Perforation width (mm)


Finish Matte Mill

1SUS 304 / SUS 316