Bitulen® SK374

What is Bitulen® SK374

Bitulen® SK374 is a preformed waterproofing membrane for use both above and below grade with concrete, brickwork and blockwork constructions.

  • Retaining walls, foundations
  • Foundations, tunnels, floors and flat roofs
  • For use both above and below grade with concrete, brickwork and blockwork constructions
  • High bi-axial strength cross-laminated polyethylene reinforcement film
  • Self-adhesive
  • Can be cold-applied
  • Underside protected by a silicone-coated release paper
  • Meets Singapore SS 374:94 standards
  • Excellent durability reduces future maintenance costs
  • Conformity to Singapore Standard SS374:1994

All surfaces shall be wood trowelled, free from dust or loose materials and dry. Where surface is not smooth, it should be rendered to provide an even surface.
All surfaces shall be primed with a bituminous primer and allowed to dry tack-free before the membrane can be laid. The membranes shall not be installed on site where the ambient temperature is below 5 °C.
After removing the release paper, the membrane is then pressure bonded to the primed substrate. Apply pressure from the centre to prevent air being trapped. All laps shall be 65 mm wide.
The membrane shall be protected with a layer of screed for the horizontal surface as soon as possible after installation. For vertical surfaces, the waterproofing membrane shall be protected by a 25 mm thick expanded polystyrene board before backfilling.
Care shall be taken so as not to damage the membrane after installation.

Thickness1.5 mm-
Tensile strength>=4.2 N/mm2 (long.)SS 374
>=4.2 N/mm2 (trans.)SS 374
Elongation at break>220 % (long.)SS 374
>220 % (trans.)SS 374
Tensile shear at joints>=350 NSS 374
Resistance to leakage at jointsPassedSS 374
Hydrostatic testPassedSS 374
Water vapour transmission<= 0.05 g/m2/hSS 374
Water absorption0.153 %SS 374
Dimension stability+0.05 % (long.)SS 374
+0.04 % (trans.)SS 374
Softening point98 °CDIN 52001