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Urban Greenery 

Why Us?

Elmich aims to deliver environmentally safe, innovative, and cost-effective urban greenery and landscaping solutions to our customers worldwide. Every aspect of our business, from research and development, and product development to supply chain management is centrally coordinated ensuring the delivery of a well-engineered and tested product.

Our commitment towards sustainable green building drives us to constantly innovate and improve our products to deal with the ever-changing requirements of the industry. Elmich is conscious and proud of our unique role in co-creating a sustainable planet, and we help our customers achieve their eco-friendly goals in every phase of the building’s lifecycle — from designing and specifying the building to maintaining and enhancing it.

Our green label certified products contribute to green building certification, and using recycled plastics is just one of the ways to reduce our carbon footprint as we strive towards sustainable growth and modernisation


Why Us?

Elmich offers waterproofing, planning, specification, detailing and design services for architects and contractors. Our carefully selected range of waterproofing membranes or materials are high-quality and proven, as well as compliant with internationally recognised standards and/or certifications, sourced from reliable and environmentally-conscious manufacturers and suppliers.

We take pride in being a one-stop waterproofing and drainage specialist; ensuring successful completion of each project we are involved in.

Over 30 years, our team has provided customised, comprehensive specifications, installation details and on-site monitoring of installation works in Singapore and Southeast Asia, working closely with selected applicators who are suitably trained and qualified to install our products.