Marina One’s Green Oasis in the Central Business District

Completed in 2018, Marina One comprises four buildings for office, retail and residence in the heart of Marina Bay. From the outside, the mixed-use development looks just like any other building in the concrete jungle that is Singapore’s Central Business District, but a step inside reveals much more.
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Temasek Polytechnic Graduate Receives Elmich Course Silver Medal

The graduation ceremony for Temasek Polytechnic’s Diploma in Environment Design was held on 4th May 2021. Mr Samuel Lau Ee Bin, part of the course’s final intake, was awarded the Elmich Course Silver Medal.

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Changes Affecting Elmich and Businesses: A Worldwide Issue


A critical update on how shifting global market conditions are affecting us. 

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Understanding Efflorescence: A Long-term, Costly Problem

Efflorescence is the appearance of chalky stains on the surface of flooring like tiles and pavers. The crystalline deposits of mineral salts are a cosmetic issue that can be removed by pressure washing or chemical cleaning, but these have to be performed regularly as efflorescence can recur. Ultimately, efflorescence is an effect of the underlying issue that remains: water intrusion into the screed.

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Elmich: Real or Not?

At Elmich, we take pride in the design, engineering and manufacture of our products as an established player in the industry. It is therefore inevitable that there are others who model after us, and that products available in the market appear similar to ours.

To identify Elmich products, here are some key features to look out for:

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VersiFrame®: The Absolute Raised Paving and Decking Substructure System

The standards of raised flooring systems are constantly evolving alongside the environment and its architecture. As designers face construction challenges, expectations of the functions and features of these systems have elevated from simply being a raised floor installation.  Fundamentally, raised floor systems provide easy access to concealed services and facilitate surface drainage, and there is now a greater emphasis on their constructability, safety, and versatility in design layout.

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Anchored Trees Take Root in the New Bidadari Estate

Expected to be completed in 2022, the Build-To-Order (BTO) Bidadari estate spans 930,000 sqm and holds 10,000 flats. The highly sought-after estate is envisioned to be “a community in a garden” that highlights greenery as its enviable feature, with a 100,000 sqm Bidadari Park containing a lake, open lawns, a heritage walk and experiential trails.
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How the World is Designing for Social Distancing

As the COVID-19 situation continues to highlight the need for social distancing in our daily lives, it is necessary to re-evaluate how we interact with one another. Considerable effort is required to enforce distancing in public spaces, as they are originally intended to hold large groups of people. Current measures such as taping off areas and deploying personnel for monitoring and enforcement are temporary and inefficient, and businesses in some sectors were required to suspend operations due to limitations and inability in enforcing effective social distancing.

Around the world, there are several examples where spaces have been purposefully designed to facilitate social distancing.

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Elmich Builds Long-Term Business Resiliency

The pandemic has thrown many businesses into a new environment, one that is full of uncertainties and turbulence. As countries lift lockdowns and a second wave emerges, building long-term resiliency is crucial to face a post-pandemic world. While we make the shift for what’s next, our customers will remain a priority and we want to look at benefiting them as well.

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Circuit Breaker: Revised Operations and Fulfilling Orders

To our partners and customers:

The Singapore government has announced heightened measures to curb local transmissions of COVID-19 termed a circuit breaker with effect from 7 April to 4 May 2020. A circuit breaker is not business closure but requires most physical workplace premises to be closed, except for essential services and their related supply chains and service providers.

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