Flexiprufe® R

What is Flexiprufe®R

Flexiprufe®R is a liquid-applied root-resistant membrane that prevents root penetration to protect hardscapes and structures. It provides effective and long-lasting protection while ensuring that roots are not damaged and plants remain healthy.

Compared to preformed membranes that require termination and overlapping joints at edges and around irregularly-shaped features, application of Flexiprufe®R is simpler and more efficient as a liquid coating applied onto surfaces.

Flexiprufe®R is a brownish black liquid that comes in a 25 kg pail and dries to a tough flexible black coating after application. It is best used in areas where root barriers are unable to be installed.

  • Planter box and any other areas as directed by the Architects or Consultants
  • Environment-friendly one part liquid applies root resistance membrane
  • Provides an effective root resistance coating for planter box and area to constrain roots directional growth
  • Cold-applied by brush, roller, or trowel to form a seamless elastomeric root resistance coating
  • May be applied over concrete, brick, cement blocks, wood, metal, and most other surfaces
  • Protects construction materials from undesirable root penetration
  • No damage to plants and yet providing long term protection
  • Remains effective under harsh pressure

Every component (primer and coating) must be thoroughly mixed with a slow speed mechanical mixer at about 300 rpm to 400 rpm. Ensure the mixing device reaches the side and bottom of the pail. Stir for at least 3 minutes or until the blend is homogeneous and streak free.

Ideally, the moisture content in concrete shall not exceed 15%. Porous substrates should be primed prior to coating. Application must be made uniformly to avoid pin holes. Metal substrate should be primed to ensure good bonding between metal substrate and coating. Apply Eurathane Primer or Eurathane Metal Primer at a rate of 0.2 kg to 0.3 kg per sqm.

Apply Flexiprufe®R at a rate of 0.75 kg / m² / coat. 2 coats are recommended, applied perpendicular to the 1st coat. Recoating time is between 18 to 24 hours, depending on ambience temperature and humidity. Ensure prior coat is tack-free before application of subsequent coats. A dry film thickness of 1 mm is recommended for horizontal areas.

Care should be taken to prevent damage to Flexiprufe®R by other trade. Protect Flexiprufe®R with a screed to prevent accidental damage upon completion.

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