Eurathane® 1200

What is Eurathane® 1200

Eurathane® 1200 is a solvent-free 2 component spray applied polyurethane elastomer waterproofing coating. It is uniquely formulated to provide high elasticity, tensile and tear strength and possesses excellent abrasion resistance.

Eurathane® 1200 is environmentally friendly and contains very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The polyurethane coating is UV-resistant without need for application of an additional coating. The fast-curing Eurathane® 1200 has an easy-to-control 1:1 mix ratio by volume and is applied with approved multi-component spray equipment.

  • Flat or pitch roofs
    Landscape roofs & planters
    Podiums, environmental decks
    Retaining walls, cut and cover tunnels
    Multi-storey car parks, vehicular ramps
  • Spray-on, seamless coating
  • Solvent and odour-free
  • Tough, seamless elastomeric waterproofing membrane
  • High elasticity, with excellent tensile and tear strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Contains very low volatile organic component content with a
  • convenient 1:1 mix ratio
  • Applied by plural component spray equipment
  • Fast curing, dries in 12 s
  • UV-resistant
  • Excellent substrate adhesion
  • Crack bridging up to 6 mm
  • Trafficable
  • Easy to apply (fast curing spray coat)
  • Consistent membrane thickness for slopes
  • Quick renovation times leads to low business downtime
  • Excellent durability reduces future maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly due to lack of solvents and VOCs
  • Multiple application areas
  • 1:1 mix ratio (v/v)
  • Green label

Surface Preparation

New substrate surfaces to be waterproofed must be sound and clean; free of oil and curing agent, grease, dirt, dust, coal tar products and any other contaminants.

For concrete substrate, where there are honeycombs and cracks deemed as a structural defect, these shall be treated by chiselling to sound concrete and infilled with acceptable infill materials &/or to the structural consultants recommendations. Leaking concrete must be treated by waterproof grouting or with other appropriate alternative or to the structural consultant’s recommendations. Blockwork should be smooth rendered and brickwork flush pointed.

Rough spots and projections will have to be smoothed off by grinding.


Apply one coat of 100 % solids hydrophobic epoxy primer at the rate of 0.2 l/m² to all surfaces to be waterproofed by using brush or roller to prepared substrate. Allow primer to fully cure before proceeding with application of Eurathane® 1200 SPE.

Membrane Application

Apply Eurathane® 1200 SPE polyurethane spray elastomer at the rate of 2.0 l/m² with a 1:1 mix ratio multi-component spray equipment. Minimum application dry film thickness is 2.0 mm. Holes may be filled with gunnable polyurethane sealant or approved repair mortar/grout.

Solids content >98 %ASTM D1644
Mix ratio (volume : volume)1:1-
Set-to-touch at 23 °C12 sASTM D1640
Tensile strength>14 N/mm²DIN 53504
Elongation>600 %DIN 53504
Shore A hardness72DIN 53505
Water vapour transmission28.2 g/m² · dayASTM E96
Water absorption2%DIN EN ISO 62
Adhesion to concrete1.5 N/mm²ASTM D4541
Abrasion resistance0.007 g/1000 cyclesASTM D4060
Crack bridging 2 mmASTM C836
Tear strength>90 N/mmDIN 53363