Elmich: Singapore Brand. International Network.

We are a leader in ecologically-minded urban landscaping, waterproofing and stormwater management solutions. Through a network that spans 30 countries in 6 continents, Elmich is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable building solutions to developers, architects and builders worldwide.

Since our founding, Elmich has always understood that every project and customer is different. To achieve this, we have established a dedicated research team focused on the design and testing of highly-customised solutions for the built environment. We have accumulated numerous registered designs and patents for proprietary Elmich products through the years – a testament to our expertise and technical know-how. In spite of this, Elmich quality assurance processes are still continuously reviewed and refined for our customers, partners and the communities that we serve.

As we embrace innovation and technology, Elmich also pledges to give back to the global community by managing and containing climate change in ways that we can. We believe that this is our responsibility as citizens of the world.

So What Makes Elmich Different?

The answer is our unwavering commitment to providing quality green building solutions, through precision, excellence, expertise and the synergies working alongside our global network of partners; to construct the cities of tomorrow. This, is what makes the Elmich Difference.


A world where all cities are environmentally-responsible.


To be the world leader in Green innovation and design solutions, using state-of-the-art technologies and setting global standards for product quality, safety and sustainability. We leverage on close collaborations with architects, landscape architects, engineers, arborists, and other specialists and research institutions to provide our customers with customised solutions that are cost-effective in the long-term by ensuring durability and ease of installation.

New Orleans Botanical Garden, USA-2Elmich Green Wall at New Orleans Botanical Garden, USA


Excellence | Expertise | Innovation | Integrity | Responsibility
These core values are the guiding principles Elmich abides by when interacting with internal and external stakeholders of the business.