Why Elmich


At Elmich, we pride ourselves as a professional, responsible and eco-sensitive company with its business focus revolving around the environment, its sustainability and its longevity for future generations.

We hire the right people from various disciplines such as civil, environmental, material science, electrical and electronics engineering etc. We invest in our human capital by sending them for training to be certified Green Mark managers or trained in carbon footprint assessment.

Over 30 years, we have introduced multiple green system solutions that have proven themselves with the successful implementation in major projects around the world.


We take careful considerations in the selection of our raw materials for manufacturing of our landscape engineering products. The principal raw material chosen is recycled plastics which can be repeatedly recycled, effectively reducing the environmental impacts associated with the production of new plastic products.


Our team of supply chain specialists visit and audit the plant(s) and manufacturing facilities on a regular basis to ensure manufacturing quality and policies are adhered to strictly.

A security hologram is attached to each manufactured product to help customers easily identify genuine Elmich products. Hence, they are protected from purchasing low quality counterfeit products unwittingly.


Elmich’s designers, developers and researchers all embrace the notion of meeting the needs of the customer and willingly take in feedback to improve the features of its products; thus earning us a highly appraised rating from an international customer’s evaluation.

It is also second nature to us in the creation of positive customer experiences through our value-added services such as preparation of specifications, providing BIM objects and CAD design and installation advice to promote the usage of sustainable building solutions.


Though headquartered in Singapore, Elmich’s outlook is global, supported by offices in 5 countries and working closely with our network of distributors in over 27 countries.


Innovation is the backbone of every successful company and at Elmich we have more than 130 patents and designs registrations approved and pending.