What is VersiWeb®

VersiWeb® is a cellular confinement system comprising strips of perforated, expandable and flexible thermoplastic that are ultrasonically bonded to form a honeycombed matrix network of cells.

VersiWeb® provides an economical and effective measure for erosion control and slope stabilisation by preventing movement of infill material within the individual cells and provides stability by acting as a counterweight on sloped areas. The structural and shear strength is enhanced when installed in layers.

VersiWeb® is secured onto the slopes at intervaled anchor points according to the directions of geotechnical engineers. These anchor points use conventional steel J-pins or rebars with VW Anchor Caps for a more efficient installation, both to be of adequate strength designations.

Erosion Control

VersiWeb® is anchored onto slopes using steel rebars with VW Anchor Caps. This system provides slope stabilisation by mitigating topsoil erosion through resisting sliding forces, complementing the overall erosion control efforts on slopes or channels.

Earth Retention

VersiWeb® can be installed in layers to form an integrated structural mass to resist lateral pressure and movement. It can be used to create embankments, barriers, gravity retaining walls and free-standing walls.

Slope Protection


Inclined green roofs & walls

VersiWeb® consists three confinement cells of thicknesses ranging from 100 mm to 200 mm for various surface infill depths.

With complementing accessories, VersiWeb® offers Developers and Architects a long-term measure for erosion control and slope stabilisation.

  • Cost-effective long-lasting slope/channel stabilisation and protection
  • Conforms to most terrain profiles
  • Easily transported and handled on-site
  • Quickly dismantled for re-use
Cell size
244 x 203 mm
Panel size
6,100 x 2,440 mm
Panel thickness
100 mm / 150 mm / 200 mm
Weight per panel
24.7 kg / 37.0 kg / 49.3 kg
Seam weld strength
1400 N / 1820 N / 2210 N
Tensile strength
18.5 MPa (longitudinal)
19.5 MPa (transverse)
Long term seam
hang strength*
>30 days
Environmental stress crack resistance
>3,000 hours
Service temperature
-20°C to 120°C
Biological / Chemical resistance
Unaffected by moulds and algae.
Good resistance to alkali and bitumen
*100 mm seam width supporting 72.5 kgf load at ambient temperature according to ASTM E41