EnviroMix® GR

What is EnviroMix® GR

EnviroMix® GR is a ready-to-use inorganic lightweight planting media comprising Pumice and Leca (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) with proprietary additives. It’s high water absorption and retention properties reduce the need for frequent irrigation, allowing plants to withstand dry spells and harsh conditions on roofs exposed to strong winds and high temperatures.

EnviroMix® GR is the ideal lightweight media for planting on low load-bearing areas like metal deck roofs over patios, walkways, and extensive green roofs.

  • Metal deck roofs over patios
  • Walkways
  • Extensive green roofs
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent water retention
  • Environmentally-friendly
Pumice, Leca
Proprietary synthesized inorganic lightweight granules with high moisture absorption capability specially formulated for extensive green roof.
Bulk density (dry)
max. 650 kg/m3 ± 5%
Bulk density (wet)
max. 880 kg/m3 ± 5%
Grain size
0.063 to 7 mm
Fine particles
(i.e. <0.063 mm)
max. 10% by weight
Organic content
max. 1% by volume
pH value
Soluble salts content
<0.01% by volume
Water holding capacity
min. 32% by volume
Water infiltration rate
580 mm/hr ± 3%