Eurathane® 2000

What is Eurathane® 2000

Eurathane® 2000 is high performance, high solids, tar free, single-component liquid-applied polyurethane seamless waterproofing coating.

Eurathane® 2000 provides an effective waterproofing coating for floors, walls and water retaining structures and as a damp-proof membrane in sandwich constructions in accordance with BS 8102:2009.

Eurathane® 2000 is cold-applied directly by brush, roller, squeegee or trowel, to form a seamless elastomeric waterproof coating.

  • Floors, walls, water-retaining structures
  • Damp-proof membrane in sandwich constructions
  • Applied over concrete, stone, brick, cement blocks, woof, metal, asbestos and most other surfaces
  • Internal wet area
  • M&E rooms
  • Lift pits, culverts and drains
  • High performance, high solids content
  • Tar-free
  • Single-component
  • Cold applied directly by brush, roller, squeegee or trowel
  • On-moisture-cured
  • Tough, seamless elastomeric waterproofing membrane
  • Excellent flexibility, tensile and elongation properties
  • Can be applied over complex shapes
  • Protects against aggressive soils and contaminated ground water
  • Strong adhesion to both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used on a wide range of applications as its flexibility allows underlying materials to expand and contract
  • Can act as a curing membrane when applied over green concrete
  • Excellent durability reduces future maintenance costs
  • Excellent substrate adhesion
  • Cost-effective

Eurathane® 2000 should be applied by roller or brush to obtain a continuous, unbroken film. Two coats are recommended, allowing the first to fully dry prior to application of the second. A dry film thickness of 1 mm to 1.2 mm is recommended over concrete and block surfaces.

Extremely porous substrates should be primed with Eurathane® primer prior to coating. Application must be made uniformly to avoid pin holed and repair them should they occur.

As with all waterproofing treatment, it is essential that Eurathane® 2000 is protected from mechanical damage during subsequent construction work or backfilling.

Eurathane® 2000 is resistant to frost, but adhesion may be impaired if applied to substrates that are frozen or frosted. Treatment should be avoided if temperatures are likely to fall below 5 °C during application. It should be applied at a rate of 0.75 l/m2/coat.

Surfaces on to which Eurathane® 2000 is to be applied should be dry, smooth, sound and free from honeycombs, protrusions, voids, laitance, dust, loose material, paint, oil, incompatible curing agent or and other contaminants. Blockwork should be smooth rendered and brickwork flush pointed.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”default”][b]PROPERTY,[b]VALUE,[b]TEST%20METHOD|Solids%20content%20-%20weight,%3E85%20%25,ASTM%20D2369|Tack-free%20time%20%40%2025%20%C2%B0C,12%20h,-|Re-coat%20time%20%40%2025%20%C2%B0C,12%E2%80%9324%20h,-|Tensile%20strength,%3E1.2%20N%2Fmm%C2%B2,ASTM%20D412|Elongation,%3E600%20%25,-|Shore%20A%20hardness,27,ASTM%20D2240|Water%20vapour%20transmission,30%20g%2Fm%C2%B2%20%C2%B7%20day,ASTM%20E96|Water%20absorption,2%20%25,DIN%20EN%20ISO%2062|Adhesion%20to%20concrete,0.7%20N%2Fmm%C2%B2,ASTM%20D903|Crack%20bridging%20,%3E2%20mm,ASTM%20C836|Hydrostatic%20pressure%20resistance,0.65%20N%2Fmm2,ASTM%20D751|Recovery,94%20%25,ASTM%20D412|Flash%20Point,59%20%C2%B0C,-[/vc_table]