VersiDrain® I-Chamber®

What is VersiDrain® I-Chamber®

VersiDrain® I-Chamber® provides a robust access point for the inspection and maintenance of the discharge outlet on a green roof. Made from recyclable PP, the inspection chamber’s height may be extended or cut to suit both intensive and extensive green roofs.

The system consists of:
1) Chamber Cover with handles for easy access and rubber seal to prevent mosquito ingress and breeding.
2) Chamber suitable for planting media depths between 100 mm to 300 mm and can be cut in 50 mm intervals. Additional chambers can be stacked for deeper media depths.

  • Intensive Roofs
  • Extensive Roofs
  • Allows for effortless examination and assessment of drainage infrastructure, and execution of necessary maintenance and cleaning work.
350 mm
nom. 400 mm
Chamber Extender
300 mm