Elmich was established in 1985 in Singapore by Mr Alan Lee and Mr Michael Teh primarily as a distributor of bitumen coatings for public housing projects. Soon thereafter, Elmich added bitumen and thermoplastic membranes and drainage sheets to its range of products, as well as providing CAD installation details as a value added service to assist architects and engineers with the preparation of specifications. In 1998, Elmich became the first company in Singapore, and possibily in South East Asia, to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the design and supply of waterproofing systems for roofing and basement applications.

In 2001, Elmich merged with Elm Industries, which developed and distributed high strength structural drainage modules manufactured from recycled plastic used for landscaped green roofs. From then on the Company diversified its product range to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions for architects and contractors to tackle environmental protection, hard and soft landscaping challenges.

Since its founding, Elmich has built up an innovative range of products and a strong management team to contribute significantly to the development of Singapore as a tropical Garden City. The Company is further committed to the global focus on managing and containing climate change, and will continue to devote investments in research, product development and human capital in this regard with the objective of becoming a leading provider of products and services in the global architecture, construction and landscape industries.