As the leading provider of urban greening products we manufacture our products with recycled plastics, reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world while also preventing more plastic waste from being created. Elmich has also attained numerous certifications that officially endorse the environmental sustainability of our products, not only providing assurance of their eco-friendly feature but also reinforcing the green building rating of projects that employ their use. These practices are aligned with Elmich’s focus revolving around the environment, its sustainability and its longevity for future generations as we strive towards our vision of creating cities, where urban meets nature.

Aside from our daily business operational activities, Elmich is committed to doing much more to build a better world. As our business continues to grow, our resources, expertise and network empower us to make a greater impact in the world. Elmich engages in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in 3 areas:



Elmich cares for our society, and we want to help those in need when they need it the most. We also believe showing compassion can further societal development and inspire others to create a better world to live in.

Elmich fulfills this commitment through the sourcing of necessities and holding a donation drive during crises.



Our vision for greenery to integrate with urban landscaping cannot be achieved alone. We have to work with others to introduce and encourage the adoption of urban greenery for this industry to thrive.

Elmich fulfills this commitment through supporting the promotion and development of urban greening programmes and events.



We don’t want to just preserve the longevity of our environment for the future generation; we want to develop the future generation as well. We want to provide them with the resources and capabilities to succeed us so that they may carry on our vision.

Elmich fulfills this commitment through contributions to donation funds and support of educational programmes.

View all our CSR activities here.