On the third floor of Grab’s new headquarters in one-north, lies a massive 324 square metres green wall that stretches to the sixth floor, measuring 13.5 metres in height and 24 metres in length.


Did you notice any difference between the upper two-thirds and lower one-third of the green wall? The upper two-thirds of the green wall is brimming with artificial plants whilst the lower one-third of the green wall is filled with real plants (i.e. Philodendron scandens gold and Philodendron scandens variegated). Kudos to landscape consultant, Earthscape Concepts, and landscape contractor, Nature Landscapes who were able to find the right balance and blend real and artificial plants onto the wall.

Elmich’s VersiWall® GT system was used for the green wall due to the strict fire-resistant requirements for the overall project. VersiWall® GT is a fire-resistant modular green wall system that offers architects and builders flexible and cost-effective solutions to create living walls for both indoor and outdoor greenery. The system consists of rows of pilasters attached to a wall, onto which the trays and irrigation system hook.

green wall singapore

The installation of the entire green wall system took about 1.5 months. We were delighted to spot a pair of Olive-backed Sunbirds circling near the highest peak of the green wall during our first visit after its completion (see 0:17 seconds in video).

Massive Green Wall Singapore - Elmich
Massive Green Wall Singapore - Elmich

VersiWall® GT is the Preferred Choice

VersiWall GT - Green Wall 1. Simple Installation VersiWall® GT consists of a hook-on pilaster system that cuts down installation time. Coupling bolts support the modular trays and allow them to easily drop into place onto the pilasters.

VersiWall GT - Green Wall

2. Durable and Fire-Resistant VersiWall® GT is manufactured from aluminium, which is extremely durable. It is also fire-resistant, which meets the fire safety requirements, especially for indoor green walls.

3. Modular Extruded pilasters and trays can be easily cut to any length both on and off-site for a high level of flexibility to allow creativity in design.

4. Simple Maintenance & Sustainable *Irrigation piping can be added to the system and kept neatly hidden behind the plants in an organised manner, supporting long-term plant sustainability and reducing irrigation frequency. The pipes can be pre-configured and simply slotted into place using the irrigation channels in the pilasters. Point 4

5. Portable *Tray liners can be added to the system so that trays can be pre-planted and transported from the nursery to the installation site effortlessly to achieve instant greening of walls. *Note: Irrigation piping and Tray liners are not included in the system

VersiWall GT - Green Wall

Project Credits:
Developer: Ascendas Reit
Main Contractor: HPC Builders
Architect:  P&T Consultants Pte Ltd
Local Landscape Consultant:  Earthscape Concepts Pte Ltd
Sub-Contractor: Nature Landscapes Pte Ltd