In the dreamy countryside 100km outside of Georgia’s capital lies the history-rich Tsinandali Estate, home to Radisson Collection Hotel, Tsinandali Estate Georgia, the latest addition to the Radisson Collection’s line-up of exclusive hotels in unique locations. The historic building that was once the home of Georgian poet and aristocrat Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, has been transformed into a luxury hotel establishment that draws inspiration from its rich heritage and the tranquillity of its surroundings.

The hotel draws inspiration from the rich heritage and natural surroundings of the region. (Source: Radisson Hotels)

Located in the heart of Georgia’s wine district “Kakheti”, the luxury hotel establishment lies on an 18-hectare park, with its own vineyards and rolling hills. In respect to the rich natural heritage of the region, green facades were integrated into every external facing wall of the hotel, creating a green building that melds seamlessly into nature. The extensiveness of the green façade makes it a mesmerising sight to behold, promising a relaxing and rejuvenating accommodation to weary travellers. The interiors of the hotel are also inspired by the seasons, using natural materials and soothing colours to give it a sophisticated yet cosy feel.

Natural materials give the hotel interior a historical yet modern look. (Source: Radisson Hotels)

Breathtaking views atop the hotel (Source: Radisson Hotels)

To wrap the building with greenery, VersiWall GP (VGP) 2060 Trays were mounted on panels and subsequently planted with various plants to achieve the desired aesthetic. Over 30,000 VGP 2060 Trays were used to cover a total of 1900 square metres of wall space. Due to safety issues of external green walls, wind uplift resistance is a crucial property of green wall systems. VGP 2060 is designed with multiple security features to prevent its accidental dislodgement during high winds. The trays’ six-point anchoring system, combined with anti-lift tabs, keeps the green wall firmly in place even with wind speeds of up to 108km/h.

The extensive green facade wraps around the perimeter of the hotel.

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Project Credits

Developer/Owner: Silk Road Group

Architects: John Fotiadis, Christina Gabas and Damien Figueras

Interior Designers: Ingo Maurer (industrial designer), Tamara Kvesitadze (Georgian artist and sculptor) and Xavier Fabre

Project Management Consultant: AECOM