Tsinandali Village, Tsinandali 2217, Georgia


To provide a high quality green wall system for an exterior green façade that wraps around the entirety of a five-star hotel.


VersiWall® GP (VGP) 2060 trays were mounted on wire mesh secured to the external walls of the hotel. More than 30,000 trays were used to establish the green façade, covering over 1900 square metres of available wall space. VGP 2060 is designed with multiple security features to prevent its accidental dislodgement during high winds. A six-point anchoring system, combined with anti-lift tabs keeps the trays firmly in place even with wind speeds of up to 108km/h.

Each VGP Tray has a water reservoir with a cover designed to allow re-use of stored water via capillary action to sustain plant growth during dry months. During wetter months, sufficient drainage allows excess water to flow into underlying trays, ensuring that all plants get the water they need for healthy growth.