Singapore’s education scene has been consistently ranked among the top globally, and it came as no surprise that over 250 Private Education Institutes (PEIs) have established a campus there, leveraging on the national focus on education.

INSEAD Business School is one such institution, opening its Singapore campus in 1999 and becoming the first business school globally to have two full-fledged campuses in Asia and Europe staffed with a permanent faculty. The vision in setting up the Asia Campus was for INSEAD to “create a bridge between Asia and the rest of the world.”


To create a conducive learning environment, the design and landscape of the school campus are equally as important as the environment the country provides. In previous articles, we have talked about the psychological benefits that green walls provide in a learning environment, which is evident from the increasing amount of greenery in educational institutes today. Similarly, at INSEAD, a pair of towering green walls constructed from approximately 7,500 VersiWall® GP 2060 trays mounted on proprietary VersiWall® GP Mounting Panels provides a brief respite from the intensive classroom environment, amongst other benefits.


With advanced design features such as anti-dislodgement mechanisms of the VersiWall® GP trays, it greatly reduces the risk of tray dislodgement due to natural causes or mischief. VersiWall® GP system is certified by an independent international test authority to withstand wind uplift from various directions up to 108 km/h, ensuring that the towering green walls remain sturdy and verdant throughout the year.


Developer/Owner: INSEAD

Landscape Implementer: Plantwerkz Pte Ltd

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