When it comes to waterproofing, reliability and durability of solutions are crucial factors that may determine the long term liveability of a building project. Common problems can arise from sub-optimal waterproofing in the long term, including entrapment of moisture in flooring surfaces and volumetric loss of membranes. Significant volumetric loss, in particular, ultimately leads to the complete failure of a waterproofing membrane due to the shrinking, stretching, and tearing of membranes.

Shrinking of brittle PVC-P membranes due to volumetric loss. 

Shrinking of PVC-P membranes causes it to stretch, which will eventually result in tearing.

In recent years, Plasticised PVC (PVC-P) membranes are the go-to waterproofing solution for applicators, largely due to its ease in handling and ability to be homogenously welded together using hot air. EVALON EVA-PVC waterproofing membranes take it several steps further with clear advantages over commonplace PVC-P membranes.

Differences in Composition

Liquid plasticisers play a crucial role in keeping membranes flexible, giving them the ability to conform to different surfaces. These liquid plasticisers inevitably migrate and evaporate over time, shrinking the membranes and reverting it to a brittle state. Commonplace PVC-P membranes contain approximately 40% liquid plasticisers, resulting in serious volumetric and flexibility loss when the liquid plasticisers evaporate.

It is essential for waterproofing membranes to do their job right and keep water out, regardless of their age. Over time, the loss of liquid plasticiser in PVC-P membranes cause serious problems such as cracking of membranes, rendering the waterproofing ineffective and compromising the water-tightness of the building.

Comparatively, EVALON’s unique composition mitigates these problems by drastically reducing the liquid plasticisers present in the membrane.

EVALON’s unique composition preserves its structural integrity over time by drastically reducing the liquid plasticisers present in the membrane.


EVALON is made from DuPont’s Elvaloy EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) terpolymers, solid elasticisers which serve as substitutes for liquid plasticisers. With an approximate 92% solid composition, there is lesser liquid plasticiser present in EVALON membranes. This results in an equally flexible, durable, and strong membrane that does not lose significant volume and flexibility to plasticiser migration. EVALON’s durability has earned a 30-year durability certification from the British Board of Agrément, as well as meeting the German FLL requirements for root resistance.

Availability of Colours

As a bonus over PVC-P membranes, EVALON membranes are available in lighter colours, allowing for more aesthetically pleasing rooftops. PVC-P membranes are generally produced in dark colours, due to light colour pigments being susceptible to migration together with the liquid plasticisers. Comparatively, with EVALON’s high solid composition, the rate of colour pigment migration is greatly reduced.

EVALON waterproofing membranes installation at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade.

EVALON waterproofing membranes installation at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade.

Compatibility with Surfaces

As an added advantage over regular PVC membranes, EVALON’s EVA-PVC composition makes it compatible with bitumen and polystyrene. EVA terpolymer and PVC forms an exceptionally stable alloy, allowing it to be used in areas where regular PVC-P membranes are not compatible. This opens up new avenues of installation scenarios, making EVALON membranes an immensely flexible waterproofing membrane for your building needs. With over 160,000,000m2 of EVALON membranes already installed worldwide, and over 2,000,000m2 on iconic landmarks in Singapore, EVALON is a tested and proven waterproofing solution that gives you peace of mind, no matter the weather.

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