1 Ayer Rajah Ave, Singapore 138676


To provide a green wall system to establish vibrant green walls on the exterior of the campus buildings.


VersiWall® GP (VGP) proprietary mounting panels were mounted onto the 12 metres high walls, totalling an area of 250 sq m. 7,500 VGP 2060 trays were installed onto the panels in a pre-determined design, giving it a lush green aesthetic. Irrigation pipes were integrated with the green wall system in an inconspicuous manner.

Anti-lift arms and multi-point mounting features of each VGP 2060 tray significantly reduces the risk of dislodgment, even during wind speeds of up to 108 km/h. Asides from creating a green and safe passageway, occupants from the Asia Campus can reap the benefits of such biophilic elements within their environment.