Green Thumbs 2013

Green Thumbs 2013 was held at ITE College East on Saturday, 7th September 2013. The event brought together companies and workers from the landscaping industry for a day of fun and games. Read more

Elmich Supports Experiential Learning

Elmich conducted a three-month experiential learning program for a group of students undertaking the Diploma in Design (Interior & Landscape) at the BCA Academy. The program was designed to invoke and stimulate their sensory perceptions and adopted a holistic approach in teaching how nature can be reintegrated into our urban spaces. Read more

National Geographic Young Explorer Programme “Mobile Garden”

Part of National Geographic Channel’s Young Explorer Programme aimed at arousing and exciting primary school children to appreciate nature and be mindful of the need to conserve and protect the environment for a sustainable future, involved the conversion of an ordinary bus into a unique mobile garden, the first of its kind in Singapore. Read more