Green Thumbs 2013 was held at ITE College East on Saturday, 7th September 2013. The event brought together companies and workers from the landscaping industry for a day of fun and games.


In support of the event, Elmich supplied its VersiWall® GP Tray Planter system for one of the task stations of an Amazing Race in collaboration with Singapore Workforce Development Agency. The 10 race teams from various educational institutions raced against time to assemble, plant and set up a green wall of approximately a metre square using 36 VGP Trays on 3 VGP Mounting Panels. The judging criteria were based on innovative use of the VGP system, workmanship and skills.


Members of Elmich’s staff also put strength and muscle to the test when they offered a brave and determined fight in the Tug of War team event.


The event organised by LIAS and supported by NPARKS, CUGE, E2I, ITE, WDA and WSH encourages cooperation, camaraderie and friendship amongst workers from the different arms of the industry in a day of skills and sports competitions and fun events. Industry skills, like Landscape Design and Implementation, Chainsaw Operation and Tree Climbing were applied in the skills competitions while team games such as Tug of War, Soccer and Cricket and also the Amazing Race encouraged good sportsmanship between companies.