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Through sponsoring the installation of a Green Roof at the Science Centre’s Eco-Garden, Elmich hopes to reach out to the young of the modern day society and instill in them a sense of interest about the environment. Elmich’s Green Roof will act as an interactive platform for visitors to observe, learn and experience for themselves what it means to live a green life. They will also learn why it is important to be responsible residents of our Garden City, Singapore.


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Children will discover from the display that a Green Roof is not only aesthetically appealing but also offers environmental benefits; such as providing shade and keeping interiors cool. Other advantages of the Green Roof would be its ability to filter rainwater runoff, reducing dirty water reaching our reservoirs and to absorb and retain rainwater, preventing high volumes of rainwater from being discharged into drains, resulting in flash floods. The Green Roofs also help to filter and improve our air quality as well as provide new habitats for insects, birds and animals that could have lost their natural homes to development and upgrading of buildings.


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Through thought provoking visuals and by providing an enjoyable learning experience, Elmich hopes to encourage the children to do their part in caring for our environment.