NParks brought together fifty Community in Bloom (CIB) groups from across Singapore to create five celebratory “SG50 CIB Gardens”. Elmich was privileged to support the creation of the gardens through the sponsorship of our VersiTank® to the garden titled Blk 50.



Blk 50 bagged the “Best Eco Friendly Garden” during the recognition awards ceremony for the best use of recycled materials and energy efficient garden features and fixtures in garden display.

The design of the garden encapsulated the essence of Singaporeans’ collective memories of living spaces (2 rooms), corridors and void decks. Elmich VersiTank® was used as partitions and display walls to depict rooms within the flat.

sg50-2Garden Layout


In Room 1, it featured plants that grew in drier climate, using Elmich VersiTank® to maintain a free draining ground for the plants such as Lavender, Rosemary and Nasturtiums. Visitors can view the cross section of the VersiTank® display via a see-through glass panel to witness how the underground areas are kept dry for the plants’ establishment. Hence, the system doubles up as a garden roof system and storage tanks for stormwater.


Cross section of VersiTank®


Room 1

In Room 2, it featured plants that grew in Singapore gardens such as ornamental plants like Periwinkle, Rose and Hibiscus.


In Room 2, CIB gardener, Mr Hamzah Osman presenting the television terrarium to Ministry of National Development,
Second Permanent Secretary, Mr Chew Hock Yong

The Green Wall featured plants that grew in drier conditions, exploring unique plants such as the Melon Mouse and Vanilla. The use of plants in the rooms were to bring out the display items contributed from the community gardeners such as furniture, recycled tins and other items that brought visitors back to ‘home’.

More than 250 community gardeners from across the island, which included residential estates, public and private organisations, schools and voluntary welfare organisations, worked with NParks staff to create distinctive garden displays to celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday. This shared love for gardening promoted a bonding among different gardening groups and communities.

The “SG50 CIB Gardens” at HortPark was unveiled at the inaugural Community Garden Festival and will be showcased for two years commencing from 5 September 2015.