The Civic District is the birthplace of modern Singapore and marks the beginning of the country’s historical, architectural and cultural heritage. Plans for the Civic District enhancement works were revealed during the Draft Master Plan 2013 exhibition and will be completed in phases by end 2016.

As part of the enhancement works, a new row of beautiful native Kayu Arang (Cratoxylum cochinchinense) trees were planted along Queen Elizabeth Walk at Esplanade Park and in front of the Asian Civilisations Museum at Empress Place. Complemented with stepped plazas along the edge of the Singapore River brings people closer to the scenic waterfront view.





Prior to the establishment of the trees, considerations were made during the design stages on tree root management solutions that enable trees to thrive in a complex urban environment where there is a constant flow of pedestrian traffic.

Elmich introduced StrataVault® (RootCell®), an advanced structural root cell engineered to keep trees healthy by preventing soil compaction caused by building structures thus providing adequate breathing space for healthy root growth. The root cell is made entirely from 100% recycled polymers and is a proven system which builds on the experience gained through trials, projects and collaborations with industry innovators worldwide.




The tree root management system with features of huge openings and patented nesting ability promises easy installation, higher strength, reduced transport costs and maintenance of large spaces for root growth and service integration.

Take a walk around the Civic District and experience a feeling of intimacy with history and lush greenery enhanced with pedestrian-friendly landscaped spaces for the public.






Project Credits (if applicable):

Developer/Owner: Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
Architect: Architects 61 Pte Ltd / Cox Architecture Pty Ltd
Landscape Architect: Context Landscape Design Pty Ltd
Arborculture Consultant: Arborculture Pte Ltd
Main Contractor: Shanghai Chong Kee Furniture and Construction Pte Ltd

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