VersiJack® Adjustable Pedestal for Paving & Decking

A Pedestal for All Your Paving & Decking Needs

VersiJack® is a heavy duty height and slope-adjustable pedestal designed for floor, deck, paver, beam and bearer support. It is used in the construction of roof terraces, pedestrian walkways, roof gardens, plaza decks, sun decks, balconies, pool surrounds, podium landscapes and verandas.


Wide Height Range

VersiJack® caters to a wide range of height requirements, from 37 mm – 1014 mm, using only three main components (Top, Extender and Base).

Height Range

About VersiJack®

Quick Install

VersiJack® Turning Tool connected to a power drill permits height adjustments with minimum effort, effectively shortening installation time and reduce labour costs.

versijack with turning tool

Comprehensive Accessories

VersiJack® is complemented by a comprehensive list of accessories to accommodate installations of various requirements.

elmich pedestal accessories

Excellent Features

Height & Slope Adjustable

VersiJack® pedestal is height-adjustable from 37 mm to 1014 mm, with the use of proprietary “extenders”. An integrated slope corrector adjusts for slopes up to 5%.

Strong & Light

Each VersiJack® pedestal weighs in at only a fraction of a concrete stump, yet retains the same compressive strength of over 15 kN that is needed to create a strong, safe and stable foundation.

Access to Concealed Services

VersiJack® allows unsightly services to be concealed within the cavity under the elevated platform, allowing easy access when required.

Protection from Elements

VersiJack® pedestals are manufactured from materials that are not affected by chlorine, mould, or algae. They are also resistant to alkali and bitumen, allowing them to be safely used in a variety of site conditions.


Level Finishes For Paving Or Decking

Slanted tiles V2_

Common Applicable Areas

Pool Decks


Water Features

Roof Terraces



VersiJack® In Major Projects Worldwide

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