Marina One, Singapore


To create a lightweight and efficient drainage layer for landscaped areas.

To create a raised paving system in the M&E facility.

To provide waterproofing in several areas.


2,700 sqm of VersiCell® sub-surface drainage cells were installed as the drainage layer for landscaped areas. With its narrow profile, VersiCell® allows for greater soil depth to accommodate a larger variety of plants than drainage media like gravel.

5500 units of VersiPave® lightweight paver supports were used to create a raised paving system. Independent chocks on pedestals enable minor height adjustments at each paver corner to ensure a levelled surface for pavers with varying thickness.

Fleximent® 201, Bitulen® 180, Eurathane® 2000 and Synthaprufe waterproofing membranes were also used in several areas of the development.