Ford Avenue, Singapore


To provide pedestal system for raised decking installed at swimming pool surrounds.

To provide paver supports for installation of raised walkway pavers.



VersiJack® pedestals support the timber bearers for the installation of raised deck flooring surrounding the swimming pool.

Bearer holders attached to the pedestals were used to keep the timber joists firmly in place prior to and during installation of the decking.

The void under the raised decked areas allow essential pipes and services to be unobtrusively hidden and assist surface water to drain away quickly which is especially important around a swimming pool.


VersiJack® pedestals support raised pavers for the creation of a side walkway of the house concealing any unsightly services beneath. Necessary adjustments for slope and height were made with the Slope Corrector and locking ring system in the pedestal respectively to create level flooring. The gaps, created by using Spacer Tabs on the pedestals, between the pavers facilitate drainage of water from the pavers back into the water feature.