1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore 556818


To provide a fire-resistant green wall system for establishment of green facades around the school campus.

To provide a fire-resistant pedestal system for raising floor slabs of the classroom‘s balcony.


The Early Learning Village is a collaboration between the Australian International School and the Stamford American International School.

VersiWall® GP

Elmich VersiWall® GP (VGP) was used to establish multiple green walls totalling approximately 151 square metres on Australian International School’s campus in Singapore.

Over 4500 VGP trays were used in the installation of green walls around the campus. Each green wall consists of rows of VGP2060 trays hooked onto VGP mounting panels via 3 pairs of anchor hooks, ensuring the stability of the system.

The trays used are of the fire-resistant version, which enhances the safety of the plant-filled wall. VGP adheres to building code regulations, as well as the Singapore Fire Code requirements set by the SCDF for toxicity emissions, smoke density, and fire spread.


10,000 VersiJack® pedestals were installed to create raised paver areas in the balconies of classrooms. The void created beneath the paver platforms allowed miscellaneous services to be hidden.

Video & photos credit: Bogle Architects