Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, Singapore


To provide a drainage layer for event space to prevent ponding during heavy rainfall.

To provide community green benches for sitting.


VersiCell® was used to create a flooring platform for the Archifest 2018 Event Pavilion at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza. A total of 1000 pieces of VersiCell were used to create a 250m2 area, after which a layer of sustainable material made of bamboo charcoal was laid over as the finishing.

To create the community green benches, 9 VersiTank® 553 modules were joined together in a 3 by 3 configuration. VersiDrain® 60 was affixed to the top of the modules and filled with carpet grass to create a comfortable and natural bench for Archifest visitors to rest on. The open nature of the event space meant that our community green benches were exposed to rain. The drainage capabilities of the VersiDrain® 60 allow the turf to stay dry and functional for sitting.

A total of 9 sets of community green benches were created and installed around the event area.