Auckland, New Zealand


To provide a fire-resistant and modular green wall system to add a green aesthetic to the decor of the office.


Elmich VersiWall® GT (VGT) was used to establish multiple living walls in Datacom’s new office in Auckland, New Zealand. Manufactured from fully recyclable anodized aluminium, the VGT system is extremely durable and fulfils fire safety requirements for indoor green walls.

Each living wall consists of rows of hook-on pilaster systems attached to the backing wall, onto which the modular trays and irrigation system hook on. The trays are then fastened in place with coupling bolts, preventing the trays from being dislodged accidentally. The modular nature of the VGT allows its extruded pilasters and trays to be easily cut to any length to fit any design requirements.

An irrigation system was easily installed and inconspicuously slotted through the irrigation channels of the pilasters. This allows the piping to be hidden behind the plants, ensuring a fully green aesthetic.