The Children’s Garden sits on a one-hectare site along the waterfront of Bay South Garden. Lush greenery which spans across the Garden’s roofs is enabled by the Elmich Lightweight Green Roof System. This system incorporates a revolutionary new medium, EnviroMix® PB, which cuts out the need for traditional loose soil media. Taken as a whole, the system represents a step forward in green roof design and a natural choice for architects and builders.

Light in Weight, Not in Substance

The Elmich Ultra-lightweight Green Roof System allows architects to incorporate greenery into their designs and conform to roof loading weight normally associated with lightweight green roofs. This means that a simpler structure can be employed during construction, resulting in cost savings. In the Children’s Garden, EnviroMix® PB is combined with a regular soil layer on top to form an ultra-lightweight growing media for plants. For turfing applications, EnviroMix® PB can even be used as a standalone growing media because of the vital nutrients incorporated into the material, resulting in even greater weight savings. Combined, the Elmich Ultra-lightweight Green Roof System can amount to twice the weight reduction compared to other systems on the market. Elmich is committed to the cause of reducing weight and instead delivering in pure, useable substance.

The EnviroMix® PB (ultra-lightweight planting board) also has a high water absorbency and retention capability, reducing the need for frequent irrigation. This removes the need for a complicated retention system and further enhances the system’s ability to reduce water consumption and cost for the end user.






Reduce Construction Time, Increase Quality

The Elmich system represents a step forward in modular green roof design. There is no need to affix the planting boards in any way and loose media for in-situ planting is reduced by half. For turf planting, the extra logistics of providing for loose media is totally removed. Every component involved in the Elmich system is completely modular – either positioned easily in rows abutting one another or layered effortlessly on top. This results in a shorter installation time and almost no mess created whilst doing so.

Environmental Sustainability is Our Mission

Elmich is extremely committed to the sustainable greening of urban spaces through building products that fit into existing construction and design methodologies. They are honoured to have had a role to play in the development of the world-class Garden’s By the Bay and helping to provide a green legacy for future generations to enjoy.


Project Credits (if applicable):

Landscape Consultant: Gardens By The Bay
Landscape Contractor: Tropic Planners & Landscape Pte Ltd
Green Roof Specialist: Elmich Pte Ltd
Distributor & Supplier of EnviroMix® PB: Elmich Pte Ltd

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