A security hologram has been applied on all Elmich manufactured products to help their customers easily identify genuine Elmich products. Hence, customers are protected from purchasing low quality counterfeit products unwittingly.

Elmich is dedicated to provide services to support their products in their applications. By ensuring that their users have a means to verify the authenticity of the goods received, customers are assured of the best quality and their safety. Executive Chairman, Mr Alan Lee, said “The organisation wants to instil confidence in its customers that they are purchasing high-quality, reliable, eco-friendly and genuine Elmich products.”

Security holograms require the use of sophisticated technology namely “Laser Optics” to create unique optical properties to diffract light and create virtual three dimensional effects.


Holograms are virtually impossible to duplicate by any known printing technique and is basically used to put a check on the piracy of products and documents.


Elmich prides themselves as a professional and responsible company, with their customers’ interest as always being a paramount priority when manufacturing, thus a security hologram is another way that Elmich strives to deliver the best to their customers.


How to identify genuine Elmich products:




If you are still unsure about the authenticity of the product, kindly email to info@elmich.com or contact their local sales office for further information:

Elmich Pte Ltd. (Headquarters)
Tel: +65 6356 2800
Address: 15 Joan Road , Singapore 298899


Elmich Australia Pty Ltd.
Tel: +61 2 9648 2073
Address: 18/8 Ave Of The Americas, Newington NSW 2127

Elmich North America LLC
Tel: +1 253 267 6968
Address: 33530 1st Way South, Suite #102
Federal Way, WA 98003 USA