On 3rd February, Elmich held a Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration in conjunction with a bowling competition at the National Service Resort and Country Club Resort Bowl, Singapore. We had quite a crowd who were all excited to become the top team of the leader board for that evening.


Initiated by our Waterproofing team for a get together to kick-start the CNY celebrations, all guests enjoyed themselves amidst a fun-filled and informal setting. Non-bowlers also sang their hearts out at the luxurious karaoke room which was overlooking the bowling alley.


Not forgetting the CNY tradition of Prosperity Toss, also known as Lo Hei, an exchange of New Year greetings and zealous tossing was seen during the “ritual”. As a token to wish all our guests a prosperous new year, a door gift comprising of a pair of mandarin oranges (symbolising wealth) and a lottery ticket was issued to them.


Concluding the night, the top three bowling teams received their prizes with cheers from the audience.